Seasonal Home Upkeep

Cleaning the gutter, trimming the landscape, weatherproofing – these are just some of the minor and major home repair tasks that find their way on to a “to do” list every season.  You don’t always look forward to tackling those tasks, but they are necessary to ensure your home’s value and efficiency.  This season, give David your “to do” list, and he will take it from there!

You have better things to do than worry about seasonal upkeep.  With the help of Quality Remodeling OK’s handyman services, you can avoid some major home repairs down the road by utilizing our home repair service, which includes…

Spring Upkeep

The leaves are coming back, the snow is melting, and rain showers are arriving to help nourish the landscape.  It’s a great time to have us perform gutter cleaning and repair.  Keeping gutters clear helps prevent roof damage, and both spring and fall are excellent time to inspect and clean the gutters. Below is our Spring checklist that will help you save some money throughout the year.

  • Gutter Cleaning and Repair: Remove debris and inspect the gutters performance.
  • Installation of Ceiling Fans: Helps keep house cool in summer/saves money on energy bills.
  • Replacing Exterior and Interior Caulking: prevents air and water leaks/conserves cooling costs.

Summer Upkeep

Before spending the dog days of summer firing up burgers on your grill, make sure the deck is in good condition and ready for the party.  We do deck maintenance, design, and repair.  Below is our Summer Maintenance services list.

  • Identify minor deck repairs: Before they turn into major issues.
  • Power wash, Stain and Treat your Deck: Prolongs the life of the wood/Prevents rotting.

Fall Repairs

Go out and enjoy the brisk winds of autumn and the brilliant colors of the trees, but don’t forget to call David to get started on the attic insulation before a chilly fall turns into freezing winter.  Make home efficiency a priority before winter hits. Check out the Fall Repairs that should hit you “to do” list.

  • Check Windows and Doors: For damage and drafts.
  • Install Weather Stripping: Around your windows and doors.
  • Add Insulation: Around pipes and HVAC lines.

Winter Maintenance 

Once the cold and snow set in, have us focus on home improvements inside the home like caulking and other minor home repairs.  Below is our quick Winter Repair checklist.

  • Touching Up Paint: Touch up those nicks and scratches that make the difference.
  • Install Crown Molding: Add that extra luster of value and style to the look of your rooms.
  • Repair Drywall: Fix those areas/cracks that are showing signs of our recent Oklahoma earthquakes!

You may think of something else that is not listed above for seasonal repairs. Remember, “No Job is Too Small”!  For seasonal services, be sure to call David with QROK at (405) 340-8526 or email him at