leaky-faucetA leaky faucet, shower head, or a toilet that keeps running can be annoying and expensive. We are pleased to offer handyman plumbing services to your home or small business. If you have any water leak in your house, call David to fix it and let him take care of any damage that the leak may have caused as well. We can handle major and minor home repairs and plumbing problems with professionalism and dedication, and we guarantee the job to be done right!

David’s handyman skills offer plumbing services to include:

Fixture Repair/Replacement – Change outdated fixtures for newer hardware.  This is an easy way to update your bathroom/kitchen.  Can repair most faucets if there is just a mechanical issue to include cartridge replacement, O-rings, and more inner workings.

Repair/Replace Toilets – We install energy efficient toilets or in some cases can update current toilets with energy efficient hardware.  A toilet running all the time or if it has issues when flushing, we can repair inner working parts to save money on a toilet replacement when it’s not needed.

Plumbing Leaks – Pipe replacement or if you need a fitting tightened that came loose, we can repair and we have emergency services at a much lower rate it’s most plumbing companies out there.

David is a craftsman, and he stands behind his work… and we guarantee satisfaction!

Electrical and plumbing services are subject to state and local licensing requirements and therefore may not be available at all locations or for every project. Call David today to learn about the handyman plumbing services in your area.

Let us fix those little plumbing problems. If David can help you with any of these projects around your home or business, please call us now at 405-340-8526 or email him at